woo travel diary: italia

woo travel diary: italia

woo travel diary: italia

Italy has become a reoccurring destination for our family. Jayme cherishes her Italian roots and a spiritual connection to the land, so we all started going as a family for our summer vacations. It has become a huge source of inspiration and place to unwind.

From the food and architecture to its historical design, Italy has a unique place in our hearts.

1. Why do you feel traveling is essential in your life?

The world is big but also so small, that’s why I love to travel. Connecting to it is essential and the energy I have whilst exploring is something special.

2. Most surprising thing about visiting Italy this year?

We got to experience an even more local feel to our trip. It was nice to see Italy flourishing after such difficult months.

3. What makes Italy so special as a destination?

The beautiful coastal towns are just as amazing as the countryside. All the different areas with their styles of food and culture mixed in with everyday architecture that tell the history and connect with us visually.

4. Where did you go?

Tuscany , Sardinia , Portofino. Love them all.

5. What was your favorite part of your trip?
Every time we sat down for a meal because I knew it was going to be a delicious experience.

- the woos

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