what is water break technology?

what exactly is water break technology?

what exactly is water break technology?

Optimal hydration has multiple benefits as your skincare routine. By providing skin with the basic hydrating nutrients it needs, skin is able to combat dryness, increase resilience against external aggressors, and even protect the longevity of tattooed skin.  

so what is our exclusive water break technology exactly?

We often lose optimal hydration levels throughout the day with exposure to sun, pollutants, fragrances and other desensitizing irritants. When creating both our Revitalizing Body Moisturizer and our After/Care Treatment we formulated it not only for all skin types but with the expertise helping tattooed skin whether new or existing, optimal hydration. Our unique water break technology helps every skin type from sensitive to tattooed reach a maximum state of hydration. How does this work you ask? The technology found in both of our body moisturizers provides a protective layer with each application which helps the key active ingredients soothe and moisturize skin.

how does water break technology help protect my tattoos?

Tattooed skin, especially freshly tattooed, is a compromised skin barrier and it’s extremely important to keep the skin at the maximum state of hydration to protect the skin during the healing process. The water break technology delivers a large increase in the moisture level of the skin and helps in the reduction of epidermal water loss, otherwise known as dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin. By encapsulating large amounts of water within a silicone matrix, the matrix collapses upon application onto skin which forces water out into the upper epidermis while simultaneously developing an occlusive layer, trapping moisture into the skin.

how does the water break technology help with my tattoos long term?

Similar to taking care of your skin or face, tattoo care is ongoing in order to maintain the life of your new ink. Keeping your skin moisturized and protected with sunscreen is best for your tattoo and overall skin for the long term. Try our Revitalizing Body Moisturizer, along with the water break technology ceramides help create a protective barrier that locks in moisture to the skin, helping to improve skin texture and tone. Formulated with our unique color lift technology to enhance and rejuvenate tattoos and can be used at any life stage after the initial recovery has taken place.

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