gentle tattoo aftercare: the waterbreak technology

gentle tattoo aftercare: the waterbreak technology

gentle tattoo aftercare:
the waterbreak technology

Tattoos are such a great way to express yourself. They often are a reflection of stories or experiences that affect our lives, a great way to adorn ourselves, funny moments, or reminders that keep memories preserved for a lifetime.

Most artists would agree, especially Dr.Woo, that less is more when it comes to tattoo aftercare. Similar to sensitive skin, it’s important to minimize what you put on your fresh skin with a new tattoo.  

When developing our tattoo aftercare treatment as well as our revitalizing body moisturizer it was critical to ensure the formulas were both simple, effective, and provided the optimal hydration for skin-sensitive and beyond.

The waterbreak technology was born through tireless research on freshly tattooed skin to preserving existing tattoos. While skin is impervious to water, when healing a new tattoo the open wound is susceptible to infection from too much water (and many of the minerals, agents, and bacteria found in water) on the skin - which could cause early fading, delayed healing, and more if not properly taken care of. Along with the naturally hydrating and supporting ingredients found in the tattoo aftercare treatment moisturizer, waterbreak technology helps keep skin hydrating, helps support tattoo healing, while keeping skin hydrated.

what is waterbreak technology?

Waterbreak technology encapsulates and removes excess water while maintaining optimal hydration of the skin. This is achieved by encapsulating large amounts of water within a skin-similar matrix. When the product is applied to the skin, the matrix collapses, forcing water out into the upper epidermis. At the same time, the collapsed matrix develops an occlusive layer, which traps moisture into the skin. Think of the water droplets that sit on your skin for example when you swim, take a shower, etc. The waterbreak technology almost creates an umbrella like protection around skin, keeping it nurtured, comfortable.

how does waterbreak technology help with existing tattoos?

While this technology is perfect for new tattoos, it also helps with existing ink. Tattoos are susceptible to fading over time. This can be due to environmental stressors like the sun, lack of hydration internally, lack of moisturization, and beyond. The waterbreak technology helps tattooed skin reach a maximum state of hydration over the years to come.

Keeping your tattooed skin at optimal hydration levels is important from the healing stage to ongoing tattoo skincare health.

Want to learn more about tips on taking care of your tattoos? Check out our article on tattoo skincare essentials.

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