fearless founders - nyakio grieco

fearless founders - nyakio grieco

fearless founders - nyakio grieco

In celebration of International Women’s month and to dive deeper into our talented brand partners - we are highlighting Nyakio Grieco, entrepreneur, mother, inspirational #girlboss, and co-founder of Thirteen Lune, the first inclusive beauty retailer. We wanted to share a little more of her story, her inspiration, and most importantly what makes her comfortable in her skin.

why did you start thirteen lune?
We created Thirteen Lune to be the first of its kind TRULY inclusive beauty retail platform! 90% of all the brands we carry are created by people of color who create amazing beauty and wellness products for people of all colors!

what inspires you?

Authenticity and kindness truly inspire me! The best people are the people who have the confidence to show up as their authentic selves and truly want to make the world a better place.

what makes you comfortable in your skin?
Self care, self love and being a consummate dreamer!

favorite part of your skincare routine?

Every single part! I love taking the time to treat myself and my skin with the ritual of skincare! Because hydration is the key to healthy skin, I love using good-for-you ingredients that help me maintain that glow that I work on everyday, from the inside out!


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