be comfortable in your skin

be comfortable in your skin

be comfortable in your skin

alana - poet/musician

“The shedding of a snake’s skin is not always swift, it’s an uncomfortable process that takes time. It begins with the slowing of their movements, a shift in their behavior and energy followed by the dulling of their skin. Their eyes become glazed and milky, lack of vision produces aggression and fear as they enter their own chrysalis of sorts. The main event of molting takes time, energy and patience as the snake breaks free from the old and emerges, born anew. I’ve watched this process time and time again throughout my life, this experience of a sort of death and renewal and I believe this is exactly what is happening now in the world around us.”

evan - dancer

franki lefebre - celloist & architect

lasoul - dancer
"i am a visionary"

jesse - talent agent

At times I still feel uncomfortable in my own skin… but I have learned to I lean into the discomfort …accept the uncertainty .. and eventually it sparks creativity…

Every time I lack inspiration I reflect on all the things I’m grateful for… Gratitude is everything

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